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Covid-19 measures in place at the Kilcot Inn

Here at the Kilcot Inn, yours and our safety are paramount. We have introduced some safety measures for the benefit of all of our customers and staff that we would appreciate you following. We will do our best to protect you but that does require our customers to have a good understanding of what we do, how we do and why we do those things.

Government guidelines state that a high temperature can be a symptom of Covid-19 so as a precautionary measure we will restrict entry to our premises if necessary. On entry to the Kilcot Inn, our staff will take your temperature using a contactless thermometer. If your body temperature is above 37.9 degrees then you will NOT be allowed to enter. This also means you cannot sit in any of our outside public areas too.

We have a One Way System in place – In through the main entrance and out via the door to our accommodation or through the door leading to the terrace and garden. The fire exit by our kitchen is not an exit route except in the event of a fire.

We ask that all of our visitors stay seated at the table for the duration of your visit unless you wish to use our bathrooms. This does not include children that wish to use our play area. We will take your food and drink orders to your table and at the end of your visit, we will bring our card terminal to your table too.

It is now written in law that upon arrival when leaving, when entering our public areas and when moving through the pub to use the bathroom or enter the garden you must wear a face-covering unless you are exempt from wearing one. (This excludes children under 11 years of age).  However, you are not required to wear a face-covering when sat at your table. We thank you for following our guidance as this allows us to continue to remain open whilst being compliant with the new laws. If you have forgotten your mask you can ask our staff to provide you with one as a one-off kind gesture.

Children are welcome to use our play area out in the back garden beyond the terrace. Please can all adults accompanying their children ensure that there are no more than 10 children using the play area at any time to avoid over-crowding.

NHS Test and Trace - We are obliged by law to hold some personal details for each person that visits the Kilcot Inn and we must store these for 21 days. We ask that you use our QR code at the entrances to check-in for the purpose of NHS Test and Trace. If every member of the group uses this process to register their personal details then further personal details will not be required by us for the purpose of NHS test and Trace. If any person in the group does not use the QR code to check in then we are required to take the personal details of those people (with the exception of the person whose details were used to make the booking). We use the Opentable booking platform for all reservations. The details of the person who made the booking is held securely in our Opentable guestbook and will be provided to NHS Test and Trace if they ask for it. All other customer details will be recorded on paper and then sealed in an envelope, to be shredded after 21 days.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your patience and understanding during this difficult and somewhat challenging time.     

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